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Department of the Treasury

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史蒂文·泰纳·姆努钦(Steven Terner Mnuchin)




I take great pride and pleasure in writing to you to identify a great economic opportunity that ···

Greetings Mister Secretary

I take great pride and pleasure in writing to you to identify a great economic opportunity that will benefit the United States of America greatly. And will bring in more money, jobs, and business opportunities. Mister Secretary, I would like to expand further on the subject that I discussed in my previous essay i.e. “how Chinese students influence U.S. culture and communities.” However, in this letter I would also walk you through about the benefits of attracting more international students and its monetary benefits for the country.

However, the cultural benefits of attracting international students from different countries will also be explored. Mister Secretary, let me begin by warding off the negative sentiments that is common among the community about Chinese international students. It is not true that Chinese students are eating away jobs that the residents of the United States deserve. Instead, we (Chinese students) bring more value to the economy and to the community.

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我很自豪和高兴写信给您,确定将给美国带来极大好处的巨大经济机会。 并将带来更多的金钱,工作和商业机会。 秘书部长,我想进一步阐述我在上一篇文章中讨论的主题,即“中国学生如何影响美国文化和社区。” 但是,在这封信中,我还将向您介绍吸引更多国际学生的好处及其为该国带来的金钱利益。

但是,还将探索吸引来自不同国家的国际学生的文化利益。 秘书先生,让我首先避免社会上普遍存在的关于中国留学生的负面情绪。 中国学生正在蚕食美国居民应得的工作是不正确的。 相反,我们(中国学生)为经济和社区带来了更多价值。

Background of the Problem

The thing that prompted me to write this essay is the prevalent misperception among the locals about Chinese students. And the impact of their presence on the country. There is a strong belief that Chinese students on visit visa don’t leave after completing their studies. And eat up jobs that locals deserve. However, according to a report in The Economist almost 80% of Chinese students studying in the United States return home after completing their education.

Moreover, I also mentioned in my previous essay that the main reasons Chinese students choose to study in the United States are: better education and exposure to a different culture. But most of the Chinese students who come to the US pay really hefty fees. Which shows that their families back home are financially stable and thus they won’t need to stay in the United States to look for better opportunities. As they have plenty available back home. The problem here is the misperception of the people about international students. Which should be countered as it will bring more economic and financial benefits to the country.

Compared to the 20% of Chinese students who decide to make the US their second home. Secondly, I also highlighted the fact that even those students who choose to stay with proper legal documentation help in creation of more jobs. And they greatly benefit the US economy by bringing in investment from China as well. If, Mister Secretary, we will be able to get rid of these wrong perceptions and manage to attract more international students and not just of Chinese origins but from other countries as well. Then it will add billions of dollars to the US economy every year.

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Possible solutions

The solution to the problems identified are multifaceted. And based on my understanding I will try my best to keep the solutions as brief as possible while conveying my message. First of all, to get rid of wrong perception among the US residents about international students. A nationwide campaign to raise awareness about the benefits of attracting international students should be designed. The campaign should utilize all the available communication channels to raise awareness including digital & traditional media.

The message of the campaign should focus on benefits of attracting international students. Once, the people start acknowledging the benefits of international students for the US economy. They will become more open to the idea and this will help in creating an accepting culture. Where no person will feel disrespected or afraid. And an inclusive society is what international students look for before deciding on any country. Take Canada for example, a lot of international students prefer to study in Canada because the society is not just diverse but also inclusive.

Another problem is the fact that only 5% of the total students in the United States are international students.  As I identified in my previous essay. This should be increased to 10% by attracting more international students and not only from China but from every other country. There are two reasons for it. First, the fee that international students pay are significantly more than what local students have to pay.

Second, more students living in the US means that they will spend four to five years in the country. They will rent houses and apartments, buy the US manufactured products. And will bring in more money to support their lifestyle from their home country. Means injection of more money in the US economy.

译文:可能的解决方案 美国经济论文代写






Another marketing campaign based completely on digital media should be designed to attract international students. Marketing through digital media would give the US government control over who to target and who not to. This will maximize the efficiency of the marketing campaign and increase return on investment.

Supposing the number of international students sign ups increase, this means that not only the institutions accepting those students will benefit from it but also the economy will be boosted. Although, coming from a Chinese international students, this may appear odd to you, but I would also recommend you to impose some form of tax on the international students so that the government can become the direct beneficiary of this new policy.

Another option for the government is to ask every student to deposit a certain security amount to the US government which will be returned to them at the time of their return. In such instances, the government can benefit greatly by utilizing that money for the welfare of the general public. The government can earn interest on the amount and it will keep the economy in a better condition. This will be additional to the fee and other expenses that international students will have to pay to support their education.

I would like to make this one last recommendation for your kind consideration. If an international student expresses willingness to stay than that person should be asked to convey to the government how their stay will benefit the country and the economy. This would certainly make the process of staying difficult but those who would decide to stay will focus more on establishing business. Thus more jobs for the US citizens.

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From the above discussion, we can conclude that attracting international students is beneficial for the US economy. They would bring with them a different culture that the locals could learn from and money that would benefit the economy and will help the government in achieving its set growth and employment creation goals.

译文:结论 美国经济论文代写

通过以上讨论,我们可以得出结论,吸引国际学生对美国经济有利。 他们将带给当地人一种不同的文化,当地人可以从中学习和赚钱,这将有益于经济,并将帮助政府实现其既定的增长和创造就业机会的目标。


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