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Bega Cheese Ltd.

Bega Cheese Ltd代写 Bega Cheese Ltd is a dairy company located in Bega, New South Wales in Australia. The company was founded in the year 1899.

Company and product analysis.  Bega Cheese Ltd代写


Bega Cheese Ltd is a dairy company located in Bega, New South Wales in Australia. The company was founded in the year 1899, as agricultural cooperatives which were owned by their dairy suppliers (“Media – Bega Cheese”, 2018). The company specializes in dairy food products. The company made regular sells at the rate of 1 million packs of cheese daily. However, some cheese like Beqa are manufactured by the company but sold under the brands by Fonterra Brands in Australia. Bega Cheese Ltd代写**格式

In July 2017, Bega expanded to include vegemite, Zoosh and Bega peanut butter. The main product focus of the company includes cheese, spreads, grocery, bio nutrients and contract. The company also distributes its products to international commodity markets.

Credit insurance

The company first adopted a credit insurance which acted as an additional layer of support when the explore market begun. Since this adoption, credit insurance has become one of the company’s business strategies (“Media – Bega Cheese”, 2018). The company’s exports account for about 35% of the market which represents the biggest growth. However, the domestic market is growing but at a very slow rate. Bega Cheese Ltd代写**格式

Over the past years, the company is rising due to increased market both domestic and international. Due to this, the company has been able achieve a profit of approximately AUD 36.6 million (“Media – Bega Cheese”, 2018). The target market domestically is the Australian market. However, the company has various transport facilities that they use as the distribution channels of the products to the international market.

Bega Cheese Ltd代写
Bega Cheese Ltd代写

Cheese products

In the year 1990 to date the company has been able to export a wide range of cheese products where they had consumers from the non dairying regions like Middle East. However, the same products are sold in the Australian markets (“Media – Bega Cheese”, 2018).  Due to high demand, the company has been able to tailor make the cheese products so that it can suite the international requirements. Also the company has transportation resources that help in distributing the cheese products to the overseas countries. Due to better service delivery, the company has been able to increase its customer base worldwide.

Comparative Country and Product Market Attractiveness  Bega Cheese Ltd代写

Pest analysis for Korea and Japan

The pest analysis aims to address the political, economic, social and technological factors of both Korea and Japan (, 2018), (howandwhat, 2018).

Pest analysis Korea Japan
Political Centralization of power.

Strong foreign relationships which enables the foreign companies to progress.

Agreements between neighbouring countries.

Political violence.


Decentralization of power.

Has a stable political environment.

Disagreements between numbers of countries.

Poor foreign relationships which enabled the foreign companies not to progress.


Economic Has a GDP of 1.9 trillion dollars.

The corporate tax rate is approximately 24.2%.


Has a GDP of 4.9 trillion dollars.

The corporate tax rate is approximately 30.86%.

High level of imports like oil, gas, coal, wood and raw materials for industrial production.





Social The country has a low population due to the sinking birth rate and also the increase in the ageing population. The country is highly populated due to the high fertility rate.

Many people living in Japan prefer Japanese companies compared to the foreign companies.

Technological The country has unimproved level of production technology like continued freezers.

Availability of large global and domestic players.

The country has a robust telecom sector.

It is one of the most technological advanced countries in the world.

Japan has high level of innovation and technology where many countries try to emulate.

The system of contactless payment used in Japan.



Competitor analysis  Bega Cheese Ltd代写

It refers to the critical part of a company’s marketing plan in relation to the product produced by the companies. However, most profitable companies have competitors based on different factors. Both in Japan and Korea have competitive markets both local and foreign in the food processing industry.  In Japan, the main competitor is the Lacto Japan Company Limited while in Korea it the Seoul Dairy Cooperative.

However, Bega Cheese Ltd is a foreign competitor to both companies (, 2018).In Japan, Japanese company’s gain more profits as most Japanese do not believe in foreign companies. Various companies like Amazon were shut down due to this problem.

Seoul dairy cooperative

Seoul dairy cooperative was established in the year 1937 while Lacto Japan Company Limited was established in the year 1998 (, 2018). The statistics above indicate that Seoul dairy cooperative has in the business for a while and due to this it was able to gain some experiences on the growing technology or consumer behaviour (, 2018).

However, the competitive nature may come up according to the varieties of products produced by the company. A company with more products will have more consumers due to the varieties. Lacto Japan company’s products are cheese, processed meat and dairy ingredients while of Seoul dairy cooperative include Milk, Cheese, Milk Powder, Fresh Cream, Fermented Milk, Butter, Condensed Milk. Bega Cheese Ltd代写**格式

Although there is some competition, the Bega cheese might outweigh the Seoul dairy cooperative now that the company had started long ago and as the years go by technology keeps on improving which helps in the attracting of customers (, 2018).As much as Bega cheese may outweigh the Lacto Japan Company in terms of products, good delivery, the Japanese do not encourage the foreign companies and due to this Bega cheese may not do well which can result to the company shutting down.


As much as the named companies have their strongholds, Bega cheese also can outweigh them due to the various strategies that are put in place (“Media – Bega Cheese”, 2018). This is so because Bega cheese uses the media to update the local, national and international customers and suppliers with the latest news and business. The advertisements impact a lot to the business as it may attract more customers compared to the local methods that the other two companies put in place. In addition to that, the company also provides delivery services for its products to various companies.

Bega Cheese Ltd代写
Bega Cheese Ltd代写

Buyer analysis  Bega Cheese Ltd代写

It refers to the analysis that a consumer can use in order to buy a certain product. Due to this, each company should know the analysis of their target market. Some of the questions that the marketing department may ask themselves during the buyer analysis include the target market, how the decision of buying the product can be done, why a consumer may prefer a certain brand compared to another. All this information improves the efficiency of the company (“Media – Bega Cheese”, 2018).

In Japan, consumers do not purchase products from foreign companies. Due to this the management of the foreign company before coming up with a company in Japan should learn the behaviour of the consumers. It will help reduce or avoid various losses incurred. However, in Korea, consumers purchase products in relation to the quality of the produce. If the management learns of this, the company should ensure that it produces quality goods and services so that it can be ahead of its competitors.

One of the strategies that the company may use is the proper marketing strategy by use of different social media platforms. The social media platform acts as a quicker method to sell the company’s profile and products hence being ahead of the competitors.

References  Bega Cheese Ltd代写

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