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Personal Statement

Finance代写 As the financial complexities of the corporate world continue to burgeon, so have the mechanisms and solutions which aim to…

As the financial complexities of the corporate world continue to burgeon, so have the mechanisms and solutions which aim to manage financial risks. In particular, techniques in computer science have emerged at the forefront in quantifying financial risk, and efforts of risk management have become inextricably intertwined with these ever-advancing technologies. As a passionate student of both technology and finance, I find myself suitably positioned to pursue a Master’s in Corporate Financial Risk Management at the University of Sussex, particularly drawn to the appeal of a dual emphasis on programming skills and professional exposure.

Fundamentally, in my pursuit of further studies Finance代写

I am hugely motivated by the desire to develop expertise in quantitative risk management. Precisely, I trust that pursuing this program at the University of Sussex is especially crucial to developing a well-rounded perspective. Of the trends and development in quantitative risk management. This is in part due to the diversity of modules available across various departments, such as computational Finance and statistical computing.

I heartily concur with the need for integrating programming languages like MATLAB. And Python to handle complex computations and perform data analytics operation. Such skills are especially crucial for risk modeling and quantifying risk, both of which form the core of financial risk management. As a world-class academic institution of computer science, University of Sussex is the place I seek to develop and strengthen new programming skills for a future career in the field. Finance代写

My strong technical foundations have been crucial in providing me with the professional advantages in my past working experiences. Which have continued to steer me towards pursuing a long-term career in financial risk management. My journey of opportunities first began in the Internal Audit Section of Saudi Industrial Development Fund (SIDF). Where my responsibility was daily and weekly audit analysis and reporting.


Further experiences supplemented

It in Saudi Export Development Authority – Secondment where I worked as a Senior Internal Auditor in the Department of Internal Auditing. Moving on, I am currently working as a loan accountant in the Credit Department of the Saudi Industrial Development Fund. As an auditor and accountant, I was responsible for various analysis responsibilities among them being internal financial controls. And risk analysis of different undertakings of the company. Finance代写

Looking forward, I am firmly convicted that pursuing Financial Risk Management at the University of Sussex will set me on the optimal career path. Upon graduation, I would like to join a graduate associate program under the risk division. Through a structured program, I will get to develop myself in an environment where I can realize my full potential. And gain an accelerated path to becoming a leader in the organization. Furthermore, the rotation among various teams/departments will allow me to move into an area that best suits my skills and interests.

Specifically Finance代写

I would like to join the quantitative risk team where I hope I will get to work on tasks such as pricing and risk model’s validation. Within the next 3-5 years, I see myself attaining the FRM designation, becoming a risk manager and spearheading impactful projects. Eventually, I aspire to find myself in a position such as Regional Head of Risk. Where I can utilize years of valuable experience to groom and mentor the leaders of tomorrow.

Equipped with a solid foundation in mathematics, statistics, finance. And financial risk, I believe I am sufficiently prepared to take on the thrills and challenges of the Master’s program. And to contribute to the rich environment of finance/computer-science academia prevalent in the University of Sussex. Finance代写